$SUN Token Distribution + Utility Strategy

$SUN Token Allocation

  • 150 Million Total $SUN Tokens

  • 100 Million for Staking

  • 10 Million for Raid2Earn

  • 10 Million for Kalisten Partnership

  • 30 Million for Future Project Partnerships

$SUN Staking Distribution

  • Initial Reward Rate: 10 $SUN/day

  • 1st Halving to 5 $SUN/day at 50M Earned via Staking (Minimum 100 Days)

  • 2nd Halving to 2.5 $SUN/day at 75M via Staking (Minimum 100 Days)

  • 3rd Halving to 1 $SUN/day at 87.5M Staking (Minimum 100 Days)

  • Exhaustion at 100M Staked (Minimum 250 Days)

$SUN Raiding Distribution

  • 10 Million $SUN Initial Allocation

  • 1000 $SUN per Raid (typically)

  • Gives us 10,000 raids before depletion.

  • Will repopulate as needed with funds generated from raffles.

$SUN Kalisten Distribution

  • Coming Soon

Other Partnerships

GMers will be looking for projects that can utilize and bring value to the token for the last 30 Million tokens. $SUN token earned by the team via raffles will go towards this as well.

Note: $SUN is purely a utility token in which no liquidity will be provided to by the GMers team.

Utility Strategy

The plan is to provide $SUN Utility in the following ways:

  • Raffles for GMers 1/1s, NFTs, SPL tokens, and more.

  • Games that utilize $SUN (DTM, sportsbook, poker, etc.)

  • Partnerships that utilize $SUN (Kalisten, GKD, etc.)

  • Phase 2

  • And more

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