Funding Allocation

Distribution of Secondary Funding

Mint Funds

Although the mint is free, the original plan was to mint at 1 $DUST. With the following mint allocation:

This would have gave the following allocations:

  • DAO Treasury - 25k DUST

  • Development Costs - 5k DUST

  • Main Team - 5k DUST

  • Team Community Members - 5k DUST

  • Pre-Mint Recuperation - 4k DUST

  • Round Table - 2.5k DUST

  • Reserves - 2.5k DUST

  • Artist - 1k DUST

Since we went to a free mint, these funds were never brought in. To combat this, we increased royalties by 3% temporarily until 85k SOL. At this number, the full proposed mint funds will have been brought in and royalties lowered from 9.99% to 6.99% for life. Secondary Allocation

Here is the current secondary royalty split for GMers, excluding the 3% additional boost to recuperate mint funds:

With a 6.99% royalty from the initial secondary chart that gives the following allocations:

  • DAO Treasury - 2% of Total Royalties

  • Team Community Members - 1.75% of Total Royalties (Including Raiders)

  • Round Table - 1.5% of Total Royalties

  • Main Team/Future Dev - 0.99% of Total Royalties

  • ? - 0.25% of Total Royalties

These numbers are subject to change as needed.

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