Your Standard Staking and Raffle System

The All-In-One Platform

  • GMers will be utilizing the Ghost Kid DAO platform for staking, raffles, Raid2Earn, and bounties.

  • This platform will be branded the GMers Hub.

  • Staking will be done to earn $SUN token (tokenomics in next section).

  • Raffles will be for other NFTs, merch, collection 1/1s, tokens, and more!

  • The Ghost Kid platform gives us an all in one platform to utilize all of these in one central location.

  • More information on the partnership details can be found here.

Auction House

  • Will be creating an auction house for collection 1/1s, other collection NFTs, merch, and more.

  • Auctions will be held with $SUN token as the currency.

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