Description of Raid2Earn Metrics

There are 2 types of raiding on the GMers Hub: raids and bounties. The rewards for raiding were broken down in Tokenomics, but will be repeated here.

$SUN Raiding Distribution

  • 10 Million $SUN Initial Allocation

  • 1000 $SUN per Raid (typically)

  • Gives us 10,000 raids before depletion.

  • Will repopulate as needed with funds generated from raffles.

Reminder that is for the raids. The bounties use an experience system to determine who is participating the most, with a tiebreaker coming down to speed of participation. Top bounty participators will receive the following rewards:

  • A share of 0.5% royalties distributed every other week. (Starting at 25k SOL volume)

  • Exclusive raffles for those who earn enough experience

  • Medals, badges, and other accolades for finishing on top in a given season

The bounty leveling system will be expanded on with clear guidelines to earning the above rewards based on user experience level.

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