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AMM Partnership
GMers have struck a partnership with Elixir, an AMM, to provide a liquidity pool for your GMer NFTs. 100 GMers + 37 SOL (fp of 100 GMers at time of transfer) have been sent to Elixir to provide this liquidity.
  • Elixir enables holders to exchange out any of your GMers for a different one you like better.
  • Instantly sell your NFTs so you no longer need to wait for a buyer.
  • Elixir is being backed by a very large scale NFT project.
  • More benefits coming in the future
Directions: -
  • Simply head over to the app link below and find the an GMer that you either want to Buy or Exchange.
  • Click either button and the app will take that transaction.
  • You can also head under the "Portfolio" tab and choose to sell your NFT instantly without waiting for a buyer!
Link to Site:
GMers x Elixir