DAO + subDAO Strategy

Treasury Strategy and subDAO Funding

The DAO Treasury will consist of passive income generating strategies to ensure that the DAO can continue to fund the subDAOs and provide a safe bank for us to invest in solid assets that benefit our DAO as a whole.

The DAO is receiving 2% of royalties for life, as well as an extra 1.5% of royalties until 85k SOL is reached. As GMers has just reached 30k SOL volume traded, that equates to 1050 SOL for the DAO obtained thus far.

Here is the current proposed strategy to allocate those funds:

  • 20% Put into Bluechip NFTs that can earn Passive Income

  • 20% Used for Staking Solana in Nodes

  • 20% Allocated to Purchasing Tools Needed for the DAO

  • 20% to Fund subDAOs on Projects They Propose.

  • 10% Used in a Hot Wallet to Trade/Flip Popular NFTs

  • 5% Donated to Charitable NFT Projects

  • 5% Kept in USDC as Reserves

The community will decide together if they believe this is the most optimal strategy, or if another strategy is deemed better.

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