subDAO Funding

Different subDAO Funding Ideas

The subDAOs will be able to request access to funding directly from the DAO via a grant program. The subDAOs will be able to submit proposals to the GMers team to request funding for different ideas they may have for their subDAO. This could include but is not limited too:

  • Project Creation

  • Merch Creation (remember full IP rights)

  • Funding to Trade/Flip NFTs

  • Art Collabs w/ Other Projects

  • Potential Revenue Streams

  • Any Ideas That Can Further the GMers Brand

The GMers Team has already officially recognized nine subDAOs. The current subDAOs are:

  • 1/1 subDAO

  • Diamond Hand subDAO

  • Ace Body subDAO

  • Gold Character subDAO

  • Gold Chair subDAO

  • Rainbow Puke subDAO

  • Rainbow Character subDAO

  • Rainbow Chair subDAO

  • Pepe Background subDAO

We will have plans to add more as the demand is met by the community.

The sky is the limit with the subDAOs, and the ones who show the most drive and passion to grow their subDAO will be rewarded the most.

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