1st Affiliate Sportsbook Partnership

The BoiBook Sportsbook normally has a 2% referral bonus on winning bets, they have agreed to up our referral bonus to 5%. What this means is that when anyone signs up with our referral code, every $100 they win through the site, we make an extra $5 on top of that.

This will be split where 2% of the 5% goes directly to the DAO Treasury, 1% to the community team members, 1% to the round table, and the last 1% split between core team and future developments.

We will have a gambling section of the Discord opened up where people can talk betting and sports, but please gamble responsibly.

BoiBook has also given us 2 free Da Bobos (valued at 3.9 SOL each right now). One will be raffled off to a lucky minter post-mint, the other will be held in the DAO treasury where it will also be earning passive income through their sportsbook + royalties.

We believe this is a good partnership with a growing project that we can work closely with in the future for more ideas as they progress. Now lets get out there and make some bets and grow the treasury together.

Disclaimer: If you think you may have a gambling problem, please visit:

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