Nexi Labs

1st Analytics Tool Partnership

GMers have officially partnered with Nexi Labs to bring a plethora of analytics tools to our Discord channel. By purchasing 5 Nexi Lab NFTs at a total price of 2.55 SOL, the GMers DAO have gained access to the following:

  • 📅│daily-mints: Shows mints happening each day (Updated everyday at 12pm UTC)

  • 🐋│whale-tracker: Check out what big influencers / wealthy individuals are buying / selling / listing on secondary markets

  • 🎫│holder-raffles: Create raffles in your very own server. We will will be able to join with SOL, for free or our own SPL token(s).

  • 👶│new-me-listings: All new Magic Eden project listings get displayed in this channel

  • 📉│floor-checker: Check the floor of any NFT straight from our server.

  • 👛│nexi-wallet (hidden for now): Will be used to tip users in the Discord who raid, give useful insight, or just are a good all-around community member.

  • We also have 4 advanced trackers on DeGods, Blocksmith Labs, Vandals, and Ghost Kid DAO. These trackers give real time analysis of price, volume and more. Will be adding a 5th for GMers post-mint.

We will be looking to implement more tools, and work together with Nexi in the future as the DAO sees beneficial.

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