GMers Docs

Busy Boars

Affiliate Job Board Partnership
We got you access to, the most innovative web3 job and service platform, created by Busy Boars.
Create a profile for free and get started using our Creator Code: GMers. This will give the GMers DAO 20% of all profit made by the OSB team on jobs using our code, and you will personally save 20% using our code. Finding jobs in web3 has never been easier!
Steps to Join OSB with our Creator Code:
2. Enter GMers as the password
3. Enter the platform then click Login
4. Login with an email, facebook, or gmail (no wallet connection required).
5. After signing-up, head over to Dashboard
6. Click Profile > Edit Profile
7. Type in "GMers" for Creator Code and edit your profile as you wish.
8. Begin searching for new jobs/people to hire with a 20% discount for life!
GMers x Busy Boars