Ghost Kid DAO

Staking/Raffle/Raid2Earn Partnership

We have officially partnered with the Ghost Kid DAO for usage of their amazing software platform. This platform will be officially branded as the GM Hub.

We will be provided with the following from the Ghost Kid project:

  • Staking

  • Raffles

  • Raid2Earn

  • Bounties

  • And More

In exchange for the GMers DAO sweeping 100 SOL worth of Ghost Kids and making a payment of 50 SOL to the Ghost Kid Team, we have been granted lifetime access of these tools. The going rate for lifetime access of all of this together runs around 240 SOL so we effectively got an 80% discount of the platform in exchange for the DAOs continued support/ownership.

*This purchase was made for 22 Ghost Kids at an average price of 4.55 SOL per Ghost Kid.

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