Creator Hub

The Center for Top Members of the Space

The Creator Hub will consist of the top developers, artists, builders, and community members in the space. This hub will be used for sharing ideas, looking for work, acquiring talent, and jumpstarting new projects.

The Creator Hub will consist of:

  • Developers

  • Artists

  • Builders (Thinkers)

  • Influencers

  • Community Managers

  • Collab Managers

  • Alpha Callers/Hunters

  • Moderators

  • And More Roles as Needed

To gain entrance to the Creator Hub, you must own at least five GMers and have experience in one of the above categories for an established project. This is to ensure we keep the hub high quality and as productive as possible.

When this is opened, an application form will be created for people to join, expect more on this soon.

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