Hearty Homies DAO

1st Charitable Project Partnership

Hearty DAO by @HeartyHomies was constructed to create a gathering place for like-minded individuals that aim to create a better environment for themselves and others in the Solana ecosystem. With an emphasis on bringing joy to those struggling with their mental health, Hearty DAO aims to be a shining light during the dark times for all Homies!

The GMers DAO has purchased one Hearty DAO NFT for 0.3 SOL to gain access to the Hearty DAO. We will also be making a small donation post-mint to help those struggling with mental health.

We all are here to make money and vibe, but there's no reason we can't help others while doing so.

GMers and Hearty DAO will find other ways to benefit each other in the future as their roadmaps progress.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

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