subDAO Games

Breakdown of subDAO Games

subDAO Games #1: The Creativity Games

The first subDAO Games will be highlighted around creativity. There will be 5 games where 5 subDAOs will have a chance to earn points for each game.

The 5 contests are as follows:

1. Twitter Engagement Contest: The subDAO group responsible with the highest single engagement post in 24 hours from their subDAO Twitter account that uses the #GMGames will win the contest.

2. Meme Contest: Each subDAO is allowed to create as many memes as they want, but then pick 3 they want to submit in to be judged. The judging will be done from team members who don't belong to any subDAO so that it is fair for all.

3. Art Contest: Same rules applied here as the meme contest.

4. Sticker/Emoji Contest: Same rules as the meme/art contest.

5. GMers Around the World Contest: Print out your GMer, or post a picture of your GMer photoshopped into somewhere IRL. Most creative/fun/important spots where the GMers posted will be the best options here. Each subDAO must select their 3 favorites at the end of the 24 hour window, similar to the other contests.

Each game will be scored where 5 points is earned for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, and 1 for 5th. 6th-9th in each game will receive no points.

The subDAO with the highest total points between all games will win the subDAO games and be crowned Contest #1 Champions!

Don't worry there's a lot more prizes than just that: The top 6 out of 9 subDAOs in the subDAO games will have a chance to work with BVDCATS or Kereks on an art collab that could bring a revenue stream and potential free NFTs to each subDAO

The team finishing 1st will get 1st choice on which art collab they would prefer, this is trickled down the ranks until all 3 of one of the collabs is picked. For example if all of top 3 pick BVDCATs, 4th-6th will automatically get the Kereks collab (or vice versa).

The complete breakdown of prizes will be as follows:

1st: BVDCATs/Kereks Art Collab + 6 SOL to Treasury + "Champion Perks"

2nd: BVDCATs/Kereks Art Collab + 5 SOL to Treasury

3rd: BVDCATs/Kereks Art Collab + 4 SOL to Treasury

4th: BVDCATs/Kereks Art Collab + 3 SOL to Treasury

5th-6th: BVDCATs/Kereks Art Collab + 2 SOL to Treasury

7th-9th: 2 SOL to Treasury

The individual winner responsible for getting their subDAO first place in each event will also win 1 SOL. This excludes the Twitter contest event as these should be ran from the subDAO's official Twitter.

Games will begin Monday (10/3) at 4 PM UTC. Every 24 hours a new game starts, and the one before it closes.

Twitter Contest: Monday (10/3) 4PM UTC - Tuesday 3:59PM UTC

Meme Contest: Tuesday 4PM UTC - Wednesday 3:59PM UTC

Art Contest: Wednesday 4PM UTC - Thursday 3:59PM UTC

Sticker/Emoji Contest: Thursday 4PM UTC - Friday 3:59PM UTC

GMers Around the World Contest: Friday 4PM UTC - Saturday (10/8) 3:59PM UTC

After all games have been completed, we will begin judging each contest and posting winners to each contest 1 by 1. Winners will be announced for each contest early the following week. Once winners are chosen, we will reach out to each subDAO lead for their prize choice if applicable.

Will give more exact info on the BVDCAT/Kerek art collabs before the games officially start.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

subDAO Games #2: ?

More info after the completion of subDAO Games #1.

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